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I really don't like grocery shopping. It is a situation that is only aggravated by being totally unable to put it off because we are out of something that absolutely cannot wait, like butter, coffee and cat food.

Well, there it is - I've posted two days in a row! One resolution still in place. It is a good thing I have all year to work on the other (losing ten pounds) because while I was at the grocers I bought cocoa so that middle son and I could make fried chocolate cake doughnuts tonight.

They were delicious. What the hell am doing, eating crap like that?

A brand new year!

So, it's technically January 2, but as I've not been to bed yet, it's still the first day of the year to me.

Since my New Year's resolution last year was to quit smoking and it went so well, I thought I'd make another one this year (two, actually); to lose at least 10 of the fifteen pounds I put on since I stopped smoking, and to update my journal every day. Or ... almost every day.

On a Potter-related note: On the way home from my grandfather's house, in one of the little towns along the way (Oakland or Emerson, IA, I think) I spotted a church sign bearing the quote from Matthew 6:21 (and, of course, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) "Where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also."

It was so lovely, I think I'll read the series yet again.
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It's a good thing my Potter interest is waning and I was already pissed off at WB for the eight-month movie delay because I just read this report from the Chicago screening of HBP and I'd hate to think I could have possibly been any more disappointed.

On the other hand low expectations=less painful let-down when (if) I do see it. And for someone who HATED Goblet of Fire the first time I saw it but ended up seeing it 37 times in the theater, that is really saying something.

People complain about Gambon's Dumbledore and how he's never read the books, but I'm thinking it might have been nice if Steve Kloves had read them, since apparently he's so blatantly unfamiliar with the main character and the point of the damn story.

If boobs were the answer to all of America's woes, why haven't the pair of tits in the White House right now been able to do better?

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It wasn't bad. And I did have to run down to Target to buy the next three books. I read New Moon yesterday. I will warn other Twilight readers though, my impressions behind the cut aren't all positive. And there is a bit of a rant. No real spoilers, though I am going to mention some small aspects of the first two books.

Perhaps all of this will make me sound like a disgruntled HP fan, and maybe initially, I resisted Twilight because I felt like my fandom was betraying something special, but that's not the case now. Because, well ... I'm sort of looking for a new fandom. I'm not happy with where the HP fandom is going and I need out before I start to hate it. I want something to spark my interest and make me love it.

Twilight isn't it.

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If you could pick any TV show that has been off the air to come back for one more season, which show would you pick and why?
Quantum Leap. Because I loved the twist on Sam being involved in actual historical events.

*is a total nerd*
Well, I already had a clue - I did use a sewing machine in Home Ec. about a million years ago. Oh, I learned how to fix things here and there (with three sons, how can you not?) but I'd never ever actually made anything from scratch and I've never actually owned a proper sewing machine of my own. Well, TA DA! Now I have ... cut for 6 kinda big picsCollapse )


Talk about a Dark Knight!

I know a lot of my Harry Potter flist is into Twilight now (I'll get there eventually, I promise) but I am a Batman geek on the side. My youngest son and I went to the midnight showing last night (Thursday night, whatever) and there were a ton of people there. I think the theater we went to had 8 screens of the Dark Knight and the only larger openings I've been to were Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix - and this was pretty close to that size.

This one is the reason I like Batman and not really any other super-heroes like Superman or Spiderman. Batman is much more morally ambiguous and edgy. Nolan's Batman is also more human and less comic-booky than others have been. Anyway, I won't spoil except to say that the film is fantastic. The Joker is truly the sick psychopath he's supposed to be and just like in Batman Begins, Christian Bale just is Batman. I have a crush. And Gary Oldman makes me have a soft spot for Jim Gordon. I think I'm crushing on him as well. Much more age appropriate, those two, than my Potter/Radcliffe crush.